Timeline of Western Religion

c2000BC Abraham lived; Isaac and Ishmael are born
c1300BC Moses leads the Exodus from Egypt
c1260BC The Israelites enter the Promised Land
957BC Solomon’s temple built in Jerusalem
586BC Babylonians destroy the temple in Jerusalem
63BC Roman conquest of Jerusalem
38BC Rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem
4BC Birth of Jesus
c33AD Execution of Jesus
70AD Temple destroyed by the Romans; Jews exiled
70-100AD The Gospels are written
312AD Emperor Constantine converts to Christianity
313AD Edict of Milan legalises Christianity in the Roman Empire
325AD Council of Nicaea writes the Nicene Creed and declares that Jesus and God are one and the same
380AD Christianity becomes the official religion of the Roman Empire
610AD Muhammad receives first revelation from God
c621AD Muhammad taken on a miraculous night journey to Jerusalem
622AD Muhammad moves to Medina
632AD death of Muhammad
680AD death of Muhammad’s grandson, Husayn leads to a division of Islam into Sunni and Shia
1054AD The East-West (Great) Schism divides Christianity into Orthodox and Roman Catholic
1095AD First Crusade is called
1099AD The First Crusade conquers Jerusalem
1187AD Jerusalem retaken by Saladin
1199AD Treaty of Ramla puts Jerusalem under Muslim control while allowing Christian pilgrims to enter holy sites
1517AD Martin Luther starts the Protestant Reformation
1948AD The state of Israel is formed
1979AD Iran becomes an Islamic Republic