Holy books

We have already seen how important the Qur’an is for Muslims. It is seen as the final and correct revelation from Allah which corrects misunderstandings from previous revelations. As such, it is treated with great respect. Aside from the Qur’an, Muslims also consider four other texts as holy. These texts are the:

  • Torah (Tawrat)
  • Psalms (Zabur)
  • Gospel (Injil)
  • the Scrolls of Abraham (Sahifa)

The view that these texts are holy comes from the fact that the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are linked and have a shared history. The clearest example of this is the Torah. For Jews, the Torah is their holy text which provides daily guidance. Like Jews, Muslims believe that the Torah was given to Moses who is viewed as the founder of Judaism. Christians also accept the Five Books of Moses (the Torah) as part of the Old Testament. Similarities between the faiths are clear to see, especially the importance placed on worship of one god alone, monotheism. Such a close relationship between the faiths can also lead to disagreement over ‘correct’ interpretations of texts.