Knowledge list

tawhid Arabic word for the belief in the Oneness of God
sura 112 the chapter in the Qur’an that describes the Oneness of God
          Say, “He is God, the One.
          God, the Absolute.
          He begets not, nor was He begotten.
          And there is nothing comparable to Him.”
shirk sin of linking or connecting anything with God; the worst sin in Islam
Shahadah Muslim statement of faith; “There is no god but God and Muhammad is his messenger.”
omnipotence all-powerful
Allahu Akbar Arabic phrase meaning ‘God is most great’
creator the maker of the universe
beneficence doing good; being good or kind
mercy showing kindness in not severely punishing someone who has done wrong
bismillah The opening phrase of the Qur’an, which then starts every other sura (except sura 9).  It says “In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful.”
fairness the belief that God deals with all humans in a fair and just manner
justice rightness; the belief that God is just
adalat Shia belief in the justice of God
immanence the belief that God is close to us now
transcendence the belief that God is above and beyond human understanding
angel God’s first creation; immortal creatures that always do as God commands.  Arabic word is mala’ika
Jibril the chief angel, responsible for giving messages to prophets
Mika’il an angel; looks after heaven and keeps out the Devil
predestination the belief that all events are planned and controlled by God
al-Qadr Arabic word for predestination
insh Allah Arabic phrase meaning ‘if God wills’
freedom the ability to act in your own way
Day of Judgement the day at the end of the world when all people will be judged by God and send  to heaven or hell
akhirah the belief in life after death
resurrection the belief that at the end of the world, the body will be raised and reunited with the soul ready for judgment
heaven Jannah, or the Garden; where those who ask for and accept God’s forgiveness will be sent
hell Jahannan , or the place of fire; those who refuse to accept God will be sent there
risalah prophecy; a message from God
rasul a prophet; a messenger of God
Adam the first created man; became a prophet of God and built the first Ka’ba
Ibrahim Abraham; the first muslim; a prophet of God given the Scrolls of Abraham
Musa Moses; a prophet of God who was given the Tawrat
Dawud David, a great King of Israel; a prophet of God given the Zabur
Isa Jesus; a prophet of God who performed miracles
Muhammad the final prophet of Allah; the ‘Seal of the Prophets’; the founder of Islam
Qur’an the holy book of Islam; the final revelation of Allah
revelation showing something; making something known
authority having the power to control something
Torah the revelation given to Moses (Musa); known as Tawrah
Psalms the revelation given to David (Dawud); known as Zabur
Gospel the revelation given to Jesus (Isa); known as Injil
Scolls of Abraham the revelation given to Abraham (Ibrahim); known as Sahifa
imamate leadership
imam a religious leader