Prophethood (Risalah)  is when God calls an individual to deliver a special message to the people.  This individual is called a prophet (Rasul). Belief in the prophets is one of the Six Articles of Faith in Sunni Islam. These are core beliefs shared by Sunni Muslims. Judaism, Christianity and Islam believe that many of the same individuals were prophets. For example, Abraham (Ibrahim in Arabic) and Moses are considered to be prophets in all three religions. Where Islam differs is that it believes the messages brought by previous prophets such as Abraham, Moses and Jesus have been distorted and misunderstood. Muhammad was therefore sent as the last and final prophet of God to correct the mistakes of the past. Due to this, Muhammad is viewed as the perfect role model and example to all Muslims. His determination to ensure that Mecca became a place where only Allah was worshipped (Remember Mecca was a Pagan shrine where many gods were worshipped. This was considered Shirk) ensured that he became the founder of what is now the fastest growing religion in the world, Islam. His words and deeds are used as guidance in daily life for Muslims. The Sunnah (life/actions) of Muhammad and the many Hadith (sayings of Muhammad) play an important role in helping a Muslim work out how to act.