Knowledge of God’s existence

Knowledge of God’s existence    (Developments in Christian Thought 2a)

  1. Name three different kinds of knowledge.
  2. How are these three kinds of knowledge obtained?
  3. For Christians, what kind of knowledge is knowledge of God?
  4. What is natural theology?
  5. What is revealed theology?
  6. How does Polkinghorne describe the two ways of knowing about God?
  7. How does Bacon describe the two ways of knowing about God?
  8. How might studying the natural world tell us about God?
  9. What is meant by the phrase ‘point of contact’?
  10. What is meant by saying that humans have an ‘innate sense of God’?
  11. What does sensus divinitatis mean?
  12. How does the biblical idea of humans being created ‘in the image of God’ link to the sensus divinitatis?
  13. What evidence does St. Paul refer to in Acts 17 for the sensus divinitatis?
  14. Outline the universal consent argument?
  15. How does the ubiquity of religious practice support the idea of the sensus divinitatis?
  16. How might the human openness to beauty demonstrate the sensus divinitatis?
  17. How does the idea of natural law link to knowledge of God?
  18. How does the conscience link to knowledge of God?
  19. Outline how Aquinas uses observation and reasoning to reach knowledge of God.
  20. Why is Aquinas’ Five Ways a good example of natural theology?
  21. What do Calvin and St. Paul mean when they describe the natural world as a mirror?
  22. Why is Paley’s watch analogy a good example of natural theology?
  23. What did Calvin mean by the phrase duplex cognitio Domini?
  24. According to Augustine and Calvin, how has the Fall hindered our knowledge of God?
  25. What does Calvin say we can and cannot know of God through natural theology?
  26. How do natural and revealed theology link with the duplex cognitio Domini?
  27. What is a ‘leap of faith’?
  28. According to Aquinas, how is faith similar to and different from logical and practical knowledge?
  29. According to Aquinas, how is faith similar to and different from opinion?
  30. How does Aquinas link faith and revealed theology?
  31. Why is a ‘leap of faith’ required for knowledge of God?
  32. What is grace?
  33. How is grace connected with faith and with revelation for knowledge of God?
  34. Why is the Bible considered to be revealed theology?
  35. What kind of things does the Bible reveal about God?
  36. What does it mean to say that Jesus was God incarnate?
  37. What do the words Christ and Messiah mean?
  38. Why are miracles considered to be revelations?
  39. Why are Jesus’ words considered to be revelation?
  40. What does Calvin mean when he says that Jesus is both mirror and mediator?
  41. What is the church?
  42. What does the church as the body of Christ mean?
  43. How does the church act as a revelation of God?

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