Religion, Peace and Conflict – VICTIMS OF WAR

Religious Responses To The Victims Of War


Casualties of war are unavoidable. There are many organisations, which help the victims of war.


Christian Aid

One of the largest Christian organisations to help victims of war. War often leads to destruction of basic necessities such as clean water, hospitals and education. Christian Aid raises money to help rebuild these essential aspects of life. They may also provide shelter, medical equipment and food.


Christian Aid have been heavily involved in the Syrian Refugee Crisis


Christians would follow the Golden Rule ‘Do unto others as you would have done to you’ (Jesus)


We would want to be helped so we should be prepared to help others.


‘Love thy neighbour as you love yourself’ (Jesus)


Islamic Relief

 Set up in the UK in 1984 Islamic Relief responds to the short term needs of victims of war. Similar to Christian Aid they will provide shelter, medical supplies, water and food.  They help people of all races and religions.


Muhammad stated ‘He is not a believer who eats his fill while his brother goes hungry by his side’ (Hadith)


Muslims are expected to care for others in need.


Muslims would also say that to not support those in need would be judged negatively by Allah. Muslims are simply looking after the wealth that Allah has given them and have a duty to use it for good and to help others.


Exam Tip – Look at the 5 mark Q below. Can you answer it? If not please ask your teacher in class or via e mail:


Explain two reasons why religious believers should help victims of war. Refer to sacred writings in your answer. (5)


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