Religious language

Religious Language                       (Philosophy of Religion 5)

  1. Briefly outline the problems of religious language with reference to two examples.
  2. What does the apophatic way claim? By what other name is this approach known?
  3. What does the cataphatic way claim? By what other name is this approach known?
  4. What is an analogy? When do we ordinarily use analogy?
  5. What does Aquinas mean when he claims that talk about God is analogical?
  6. How does the analogy of proper proportion work?
  7. How does the analogy of attribution work?
  8. How might the phrase ‘God is loving’ be an analogical phrase? (Show both proportion and attribution)
  9. According to apophatic theology, why can we not talk of God directly or positively?
  10. How does the apophatic approach help to avoid the problems of talking positively about God?
  11. According to Moses Maimonides, what is the danger of using positive language about God?
  12. How does the apophatic method work? Where can it take us to?
  13. Why is the apophatic approach known to employ an ‘agnostic spirit’?
  14. Which philosopher argues that religious language is symbolic?
  15. What is the function of both signs and symbols?
  16. What do symbols do that signs do not?
  17. What does the use of symbolic language lead to in the understanding of God?

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