Religion and Life: revision questions

  1. What scientific theory is used to explain the origin of the universe?
  2. How long ago was the Big Bang?
  3. What are the two key pieces of evidence for the Big Bang?
  4. What does the Red Shift show?
  5. What is Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation?
  6. What does the Big Bang theory claim?
  7. What is the scientific theory that claims to explain the origins of life?
  8. Who proposed the theory of evolution?
  9. What is the name of Darwin’s book, in which he set out the theory of evolution?
  10. What does the theory of Evolution claim?
  11. How does natural selection work?
  12. How does the example of white and black peppered moths show natural selection?
  13. Which book in the Bible describes creation?
  14. What happened on each day of the six day creation story in the Bible?
  15. According to Genesis 1, what was special about humans?
  16. What instructions did God give the humans in Genesis 1?
  17. What happened in the creation story in Genesis 2?
  18. According to Genesis 2, how were humans different to other parts of creation?
  19. According to the Qur’an, how long did God take to create the world?
  20. When the Qur’an says that God created the world in six days, what does it mean by this?
  21. According to the Qur’an, how were humans created?
  22. Which two groups of people say that religious and sceintific explanations of the origins of the universe and the origins of life are incompatible?
  23. Why do some atheists say that religion and science are incompatible?
  24. Why do creationists say that religious and scientific accounts are incompatible?
  25. What would a theistic evolutionist say about which of the religious and scientific accounts to believe?
  26. If someone accepts both the scientific and religious accounts as true, what do they think the scientific accounts tell us?
  27. If someone accepts both the scientific and religious accounts as true, what do they think the religious accounts tell us?
  28. Some people say that that the biblical creaetion stories are not factually true, but they are still true. What do they mean by this?
  29. What does Rev Dr John Polkinghorne say about the different roles of science and religion?
  30. Many Muslims say that the Big Bang theory fits very well with what the Qur’an teaches. How do they fit together?
  31. Why would many Muslims say that the Qur’an and science fit together well?
  32. Many Muslims do not accept the theory of evolution. Why?
  33. Why do many Muslims reject the theory of evolution?
  34. Some Muslims do accept the theory of evolution. Why?
  35. According to the Bible, why are humans thought to be superior to animals?
  36. According to the Qur’an, why are humans thought to be superior to animals?
  37. What do Roman Catholic Christians believe about humans and animals?
  38. What do Quaker Christians believe about humans and animals?
  39. What does the Qur’an teach about humans and animals?
  40. What is the difference between the idea of dominion over creation and stewardship of creation?
  41. Why might some Christians think using animals for food Is acceptable?
  42. Why might some Christians e.g. some Quakers, be vegetarian?
  43. Why would Muslims accept the eating of meat?
  44. What condition must be met in order for meat to be eaten by Muslims?
  45. The eating of which animal is against Islamic Law?
  46. What does the term vivisection mean?
  47. Some Christians think that using animals for medical experiments is acceptable. Why?
  48. Why would some Christians oppose vivisection?
  49. What would be the Islamic attitude to vivisection?
  50. What is meant by sustainability?
  51. What is meant by conservation?
  52. Some Christians believe that God has given humans dominion over creation. What will their attitude to the environment be?
  53. Many Christians and Muslims see stewardshp as the right attitude to the environment? What does this mean?
  54. Name one renewable energy resource
  55. Name two environmental concerns
  56. What is meant by the term ‘sanctity of life’?
  57. What is meant by the term ‘quality of life’?
  58. What is abortion?
  59. Roman Catholic teaching opposes abortion. Why?
  60. Why did Mother Teresa argue that abortion is “the gretest desroyer of peace today”?
  61. Why do some Christians accept that abortion might sometimes be the right option?
  62. Why are Muslims generally opposed to abortion?
  63. How does the idea of ensoulment influence Islamic views on abortion?
  64. Why might some Muslims accpet that abortion is sometimes the right action?
  65. What is euthanasia?
  66. Why is Islamic teaching opposed to euthanasia?
  67. How does the idea of al-Qadr influence Islamic views on euthanasia?
  68. What does the Roman Catholic Church teach about euthanasia?
  69. What is the doctrine of double-effect?
  70. Why might some Christians argue that euthanasia can be the right option?
  71. How do hospices help terminally patients?

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