Christianity: practices – revision questions

  1. What is meant by the word ‘church’?
  2. What is liturgical worship?
  3. Which Christian denominations use liturgical worship?
  4. What is non-liturgical worship?
  5. What type of worship sees individuals spend time alone with God or close friends and family?
  6. What is informal worship?
  7. What will you expect to see in literugical worship?
  8. What is the most well known set prayer in Christianity?
  9. The Lord’s Prayer contains the words of which person?
  10. What is the Bible used for in church?
  11. Where is the Bible found in a church?
  12. What are the two main types of prayer? (These are found in the Lod’s Prayer)
  13. What is intercessionary prayer?
  14. What objects might some Christians use in their prayers?
  15. Why might some Christians use rosary beads or icons when praying?
  16. Why might some Christians kneel down or open their hands when praying?
  17. Why is worship and prayer important for Christians?
  18. Why might some people prefer liturgical worship?
  19. Why might some people prefer non-liturgical or informal worship?
  20. This term refers to an outward ritual or sign that expresses an inner spiritual experience?
  21. Which denomination recognises 7 sacraments?
  22. What is Baptism?
  23. What are the two types of baptism?
  24. What happens in an infant baptism?
  25. What happens in a believer’s baptism?
  26. What is the significance of water in baptism?
  27. In a believer’s baptism, what does the immersionin water represent?
  28. What makes baptism a sacrament?
  29. How might being baptised affect a Christian?
  30. Why do some Christians oppose infant baptism?
  31. Why do some Christians think that infant baptism is acceptable?
  32. What is Holy Communion?
  33. What was the ‘Last Supper’?
  34. What makes holy communion a sacrament?
  35. What are the different ways that the bread and wine are taken?
  36. What is transubstantiation?
  37. Why do some Christians believe in transubstantiation?
  38. Why do some Christians reject transubstantiation?
  39. Name 2 more Catholic sacraments
  40. What is a pilgrimage?
  41. Name two sites of Christian pilgrimage.
  42. Why is Lourdes a pilgrimage site for Christians?
  43. What do many pilgrims believe will happen during their visit to Lourdes?
  44. How many healings in Lourdes have been declared miracles by the Roman Catholic church?
  45. What does it mean when some people say that Iona is a ‘thin place’?
  46. What is it about Iona that makes it feel like a ‘thin place’?
  47. What does Christmas celebrate?
  48. What will Christians do at Christmas?
  49. Why might Christians give and receive presents at Christmas?
  50. Why might Christians spend time with family at Christmas?
  51. What key Christian belief is linked to Christmas?
  52. Which books of the Bible document the life of Jesus
  53. On what day do Christians remember Jesus’ death?
  54. On what day do Christians remember Jesus’ resurrection
  55. Why might some Christians have a sunrise church service on Easter Sunday?
  56. Why might gifts such as chocolate eggs be given at Easter?
  57. Why might some churches hold a Good Friday procession?
  58. What are food banks?
  59. What are street pastors?
  60. Why might some Christians see it as important to help their local community?
  61. What does the Bible teach about the importance of faith and actions?
  62. What does the Parable of the Sheep & Goats teach Christians about helping others?
  63. What does the Parable of the Good Samaritan teach about helping others?
  64. What is a missionary?
  65. What is evangelism?
  66. How did Billy Graham do evangelism?
  67. How did Mother Teresa (St. Teresa of Kolkata) do her missionary work?
  68. Name one Christian charity which works to help humanity worldwide
  69. What kinds of work are done by Christian Aid, Tearfund and CAFOD?
  70. What term means to repair a broken relationship?
  71. How does the Corrymeela community seek reconciliation in Northern Ireland?
  72. How did Oscar Romero initially seek to help those who were persecuted in El Salvador?
  73. How did Oscar Romero later challenge those who persecuted people in El Salvador?

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