Conscience    (Religion and Ethics 5)

  1. Which two scholars do you need to be able to discuss in relation to conscience?
  2. What is ratio?
  3. What is Synderesis?
  4. What is meant by the terms vincible and invincible ignorance?
  5. What quote from John Henry Newman could you include in an essay on conscience?
  6. What is Conscientia?
  7. Give two criticisms of Aquinas’ understanding of conscience.
  8. What is conscience not for Aquinas?
  9. Give two strengths of Aquinas’ understanding of conscience.
  10. Give two weaknesses of Aquinas’ understanding of conscience.
  11. What did Freud mean when he said that conscience is subjective and individual?
  12. What is the Oedipus Complex?
  13. What are the stages of psychosexual development?
  14. What is the primal horde?
  15. What three parts make up the human mind?
  16. What is the Id?
  17. What is the ego?
  18. What is the superego?
  19. What is libido?
  20. What is conscience according to Freud?
  21. Give three strengths of Freud’s approach.
  22. Give three weaknesses of Freud’s approach.
  23. What are the main similarities and differences between Freud and Aquinas’ understanding of conscience?

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