Natural Law

Natural Law              (Religion and Ethics 1a)

  1. Which two philosophers do you need to know for the exam in relation to Natural Law?
  2. What type of theory is Natural Law?
  3. What is the meaning of the word Telos?
  4. What was Telos for Aristotle?
  5. What does it mean to say Aquinas ‘theologised’ Aristotle’s theory?
  6. What is Telos for Aquinas?
  7. Aquinas believes that morality is about following the law. What are the Four Tiers of Law?
  8. What is the key precept?
  9. What do we use to work out our telos?
  10. What are the Primary Precepts?
  11. What is a secondary precept? Give an example.
  12. What does Aquinas mean by the terms Real and Apparent Goods?
  13. What are the four cardinal virtues? Give an example of how a person might behave if following one of these?
  14. What are the three theological virtues?
  15. Explain using examples what the Doctrine of Double Effect is.
  16. Give three strengths of Natural Law.
  17. Give three weaknesses of Natural Law
  18. Which scholars might you link to Natural Law? What quotes could you use to illustrate your points?

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