Utilitarianism     (Religion and Ethics 2b)

  1. Which two thinkers do you need to know about for the exam?
  2. What kind of theory is Utilitarianism?
  3. What is meant by the term Principle of Utility?
  4. What are the steps of the Hedonic Calculus? Explain each one fully.
  5. What type of Utilitarianism is Bentham’s?
  6. How does Mill adapt Bentham’s theory?
  7. What type of Utilitarianism is Mill’s? Explain what this means.
  8. Give three strengths of Utilitarianism.
  9. Give three weaknesses of Utilitarianism.
  10. Which scholars could you mention when discussing Utilitarianism? What do they say? What quotes could you include?

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