Religious Pluralism and Theology

Religious Pluralism & Theology          (Developments in Christian Thought 5b)


  1. Draw a basic diagram that shows how Jesus’ death bridged the gap between mankind and God
  2. What was the significance of the curtain in the temple being torn in two?
  3. Define Exclusivism
  4. Define Inclusivism
  5. Define Pluralism
  6. What is the difference between narrow and broad exclusivism?
  7. Explain Hendrik Kraemer’s viewpoint on salvation.
  8. Explain Karl Barth’s understanding of Theology of the Word
  9. Explain Karl Rahner’s understanding of ‘Anonymous Cristians’
  10. Explain Hans Urs Von Balthasar’s critique of Inclusivism
  11. What are the main ideas of John Hick’s Pluralism?
  12. What are the views of Raimon Panikkar?

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