Sexual ethics

Sexual ethics    (Religion and Ethics 6) What is marriage? What are the ‘Goods of Marriage’? What does it mean to say that marriage is a sacrament or covenant? What is the traditional Christian view on premarital sex? Do you have a quote for this? How have social attitudes towards premarital sex and cohabitation changed?… Read More Sexual ethics


Meta-ethics    (Religion and Ethics 4) What does the phrase meta ethics mean? How is meta ethics different to normative ethics? What approaches on this do you need to know for the exam? Ethical Naturalists would say that good is just another what? Give two examples of a naturalistic ethical theory. How could you either… Read More Meta-ethics


Conscience    (Religion and Ethics 5) Which two scholars do you need to be able to discuss in relation to conscience? What is ratio? What is Synderesis? What is meant by the terms vincible and invincible ignorance? What quote from John Henry Newman could you include in an essay on conscience? What is Conscientia? Give… Read More Conscience

Business Ethics

Business Ethics   (Religion and Ethics 3b) What is meant by the term CSR? What is meant by the terms Stakeholder/Shareholder? What is Milton Friedman’s view on the purpose of business? What is Solomon’s view on business and business ethics? Give two reasons why a business might emphasise CSR? What problems might CSR cause a… Read More Business Ethics


Euthanasia     (Religion and Ethics 3a) What is meant by the term Sanctity of Life? Give two examples of quotes you could use to show the Sanctity of Life Why might some argue that Sanctity of Life is still relevant in the modern world? Why might some argue that Sanctity of Life is no… Read More Euthanasia

Kantian ethics

Kantian ethics       (Religion and Ethics 2a) What kind of theory is Kantian Ethics? What is the moral law? What did Kant mean when he referred to the good will and duty? What is meant by the term a posteriori knowledge? What is meant by the term a priori knowledge? What type of… Read More Kantian ethics


Utilitarianism     (Religion and Ethics 2b) Which two thinkers do you need to know about for the exam? What kind of theory is Utilitarianism? What is meant by the term Principle of Utility? What are the steps of the Hedonic Calculus? Explain each one fully. What type of Utilitarianism is Bentham’s? How does Mill… Read More Utilitarianism

Situation Ethics

Situation Ethics      (Religion and Ethics 1b) What type of theory is Situation Ethics? Draw a basic diagram to illustrate the ‘spectrum’ that Fletcher referred to. What is Agape? Who is the ultimate example of Agape? What happened in the story of Jesus on the Sabbath? What are the Four Working Principles? Give an… Read More Situation Ethics

Religion and Ethics revision questions

Aquinas Natural Moral Law Fletcher’s Situation Ethics Deontological Kantian Ethics Teleological ethics – Utilitarianism Euthanasia Business Ethics Ethical language – Meta-ethics Conscience – Aquinas’ theological approach and Freud’s psychological approach Sexual Ethics